[Lesson 1.1] Setting up your profile

Now that you have completed your sign up and learned more about how to navigate your dashboard, it is time to start creating your profile. It is important to work on your profile presentation because in the sense of running a small business, your profile is akin to a storefront.. Your profile is the place to highlight and display why you are a superior transport choice. It’s the equivalent of a first impression and you want to be sure it’s positive and lasting. In this lesson we will accomplish the following:

  • Step #1 Updating Background and experience + Vehicles info

Updating Background and experience + Vehicles info

To access your profile settings sections, navigate to your settings and then choose the "About" section, click here if you are already logged in.

As you can see, the About tab is used to edit the details about yourself and your business which will appear on your profile page.

  • Under Background and experience, tell your prospects who you are and what you bring to the table.

e.g. Hello and thank you for checking out my profile! I’ve been driving for 25 years, with no accidents, fully insured and I drive a 2016 Land Rover with plenty of cargo space! I’m new to CitizenShipper so I haven’t built up any feedback yet, but I’m committed to doing a GREAT job here, and because I want to build up my profile and feedback I’m prepared to offer you a great deal on this shipment, to help me get started and build up my reputation. I transport a few pets at one time. These are kept separated at all times. I stop for short breaks about every 3-4 hours. My price includes door-2 door pickup and delivery, direct ground transportation, live GPS tracking, signature capture at pickup/delivery. I accept most forms of payment including Venmo, Paypal, credit cards, cash, and check. Please contact me before hiring so we can go over your shipment details and avoid any confusion. I hope you’ll allow me to work with you! I can guarantee an excellent job! I know your pets are loved ones and transporting with virtually any stranger is terrifying. So when I say I will treat yours like my own, I truly mean it. Updates are given regularly! I will also accommodate special needs like medication or feeding times, etc. Please let me know what your budget is, and get back to me as soon as possible because I get booked up really fast!

  • Under Vehicles, list and describe any vehicles, trailers, and other specialty equipment that you're using.


  • 2016 Land Rover.
  • We rent a vehicle when doing ground transport
  • Also, if registered with the US Department of Transportation, you can enter your USDOT number.

We hope that this lesson will help you create the best possible presentation of yourself and/or your business. We would sincerely appreciate your comments and suggestions below.

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