What is CitizenShipper?

In its essence, CitizenShipper is an online marketplace where pet owners connect with drivers who are committed to transporting their pets, quickly, safely, and reliably, anywhere in the US. Drivers benefit from a continuous supply of transport opportunities while sharing the truly special moments that happen when owners are united with their beloved pets. 

Just a few things to keep in mind right from the start:

  • CitizenShipper is NOT an auction marketplace. This means the lowest bidder doesn’t necessarily win the shipment. Shippers tend to book the driver with whom they feel most comfortable, not the cheapest one. Drivers who utilize CitizenShipper are their bosses. They use our community to help build their businesses. CitizenShipper does not come between the shipper and the driver. Specifically, we do not charge any commission or add hidden fees to the quotes drivers provide. While drivers keep all of the profits, they are also responsible for covering all their expenses. In addition, drivers must operate in compliance with CitizenShippers’ policies and procedures. 

It is important to understand that most pet owners have considerable anxiety regarding transporting their pets. The impersonal service often experienced with airline cargo travel or other ground transportation providers is less than ideal and generally not trusted by pet owners. CitizenShipper is committed to providing a highly personalized pet relocation experience. Together with the drivers who use our site, we strive to greatly the stress of separation so many pet owners experience. We feel strongly that owners should have the luxury of selecting a pet transport service instead of settling for one.  

CitizenShipper is focused on supporting drivers by:

  • Creating opportunity for financial benefits by enabling participation in a pet transportation marketplace 
  • Offering flexibility in how to earn money while providing the ability to explore more of the country. 
  • Working diligently to bring product upgrades that enhance the site experience including ways to help find more shipments quickly and effectively. 

In the following lessons, we will look deeper into how to sign up to become a driver, set up a driver profile to stand out from the crowd, post the first quote, send a message and get the first response, set up notifications to support business activities, advantages and finally, provide tips on building a new lifestyle as a transporter on CitizenShipper.

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