[Lesson 5.4] Insurance and Red Cross Certification

As you start completing more shipments and building your business, it’s only natural to consider other actions you can take to prepare and protect yourself against circumstances beyond your control while on the road. A couple of proactive suggestions include: 

  • Step #1: Getting a pet transporter/handler insurance policy
  • Step #2: Become Red Cross First Aid for Dogs and Cats certified

Get a pet transporter/handler insurance policy

Newcomers to the transportation business often assume that their existing auto insurance covers all animals in their care. More often than not, this is false.

Most customers expect you to have an insurance policy that covers any harm a pet might experience in your care. . Our experienced and most successful drivers report that holding a pet transportation pet policy plays a critical role in establishing yourself as a reputable, dependable professional pet carrier.

To learn more about insurance policies for pet transportation, please visit our help center.

Complete the Red Cross First Aid course for Dogs and Cats

Earning the confidence of pet owners is the key to winning bids. CitizenShipper supplies many tools, techniques, and resources to help drivers in this effort. One of our favorites is taking and passing the Red Cross Dog and Cat First Aid online course. It’s the perfect way to build shipper trust by demonstrating your commitment to the well-being of pets in your care.

CitizenShipper will reward you when you complete and pass the class. We’ll give you $24.99 in site credits - the cost of the class, when you email us the completion certificate - confirming you took and passed the course.  

We encourage you to check out the 35-minute course and sign-up today. You’ll learn basic first aid care for cats and dogs in emergencies such as breathing and cardiac distress, wounds, bleeding, and seizures, as well as some great preventative tips. Once you’ve completed the course, use it as a competitive advantage by providing pet owners with additional peace-of-mind – often the deciding factor in driver selection.

Here are some ideas to make sure pet shippers know you’ve taken and passed the course:

  1. Take a photo of your course completion certificate and post it to your profile pics.
  2. In your profile, mention the completion of the course and how it benefits both the pet owner and the pet.
  3. When communicating with potential shippers, make a point to mention you’ve passed the Red Cross Pet First Aid course.

Most importantly, don’t forget to email your course completion certificate to [email protected], using the 'Red Cross Credits' subject line for your site credits!


We encourage all drivers to pursue both of the above-mentioned actions. Each provides a powerful statement of competence that is sure to increase customer trust in your services. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them in the comments!

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