[Lesson 2.1] Navigating [Settings & Tabs]

Another key to success on our platform is to learn how to use all the tools at your disposal. Therefore, this lecture will cover the following lessons:

  • Step #1: Tabs and menus

Tabs and menus

Each time you log onto CitizenShipper you will access our home page. First, you will see all the jobs listed in the categories you indicated you had an interest in shipping. We refer to these as your “Recommendations”. You will see the shipments that are currently available in your preferred categories in your home state, which is determined based on the location where you signed up to use our service.

We provide you with this list early on to show you how many customers are looking for a driver near your current location.  

Bear in mind that these are shipments that were listed in the past 2 weeks, by customers still looking for drivers. All the trips that are booked, expired, or deleted get removed from your “Recommended” tab. In case you want to browse all shipments that are listed on our marketplace - meaning for all states and categories that are still pending to be booked, use the tab navigation menu and choose to view “Open” shipments.

Between the “Recommended” and “Open” tabs, on your HOME screen you will notice that there are 4 more tabs - “Active” - which will show you jobs with your active quotes, “Booked”- which displays the shipments for which you were the winning driver, "Delivered" - for all those shipments that you previously completed and finally "Canceled" that will keep a record of any transports that you were unable to complete.

Going back to your home page, there are another 5 main menu options: 

  • #1 Settings wheel - which is the silver “wheel” in your top right corner. After clicking on the settings wheel, you will open up a new submenu which consists of: 
Settings - which encompass everything there is regarding your notifications, categories, account settings, billing, and your profile look as well as your verifications.
Upgrade - which will take you to your billing page and once you start your subscription turn into Billing.
Photos - a photo gallery of your profile.
Log out - which allows you to log out of the site.
  • #2 Profile - which displays how your profile appears to your customers and it is accessed via your profile photo (which is currently not set) next to the settings wheel on the left.
  • #3 Messages - which contain all the conversations that you have with your customers.
  • #4 Routes - a feature that allows you to filter notifications for new shipments along a certain route.
  • #5 Shipment search tool - a feature that allows you to search for shipments based on their pickup and drop-off location, for any category regardless of your original settings and within a specific date period. Pickup and delivery locations can be specified on a city, county, or state level.

Since this chapter is focused primarily on on-site navigation, we will break down and explain each of your settings in more depth in the following chapters.

If you have any additional questions on tips and tricks on how to better navigate through our website, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments below.

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